Breast Cancer Haven gave me the time I didn't allow myself during treatment

Ask Delyth Thomas about the hardest part of treatment for breast cancer and she won't tell you about the surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.Read more

It was the place I needed, but didnt know I needed

Anne Skinner would be the first to admit that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2008, she never really confronted the psychological side of the illness.Read more

Breast Cancer Haven is like walking into peace

Ask Kim what she wants more than anything in the world right now and she'll tell you it's to be back in her police uniform fit and well by the end of the year.Read more

I feel lucky to have family support but not everyone does

When Penny was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time as her daughter was recovering from major surgery they helped each other through.Read more

Expert care and understanding

Breast cancer Haven is somewhere for me to be reassured with expert care and understanding.Read more

Little did I know the C bomb was about to be dropped

On hearing the word ‘Cancer’ I instantly thought I was going to die. But three days later I got a puppy and decided cancer had messed with the wrong girl.Read more

Supporting your partner through breast cancer

I would say to anyone who may be the partner of someone going through breast cancer, don’t be afraid to ask for help especially as The Haven really understands what you are going through.Read more

They are there when you are ready

The Haven is a home-from-home sort of place.Read more

The Haven put me back together again.

There are many things I thought I’d be planning three weeks after getting engaged to my boyfriend of 13 years. But, I must confess, a mastectomy wasn't one of them.Read more