We don’t like being afraid, but it’s there. You might be afraid of a diagnosis of breast cancer, fearful of the surgery or medical treatment, afraid of dying and leaving loved ones and children behind. It’s natural and it’s there. You don’t always have to put on a brave face, in fact that may make the fear worse.  

Everyone is different and some need to deny that they feel frightened, or even deny they have breast cancer, and that’s okay too. Surprisingly, denial can sometimes be quite a successful strategy in the short-term. 

However for many and for longer term health and wellbeing, it’s good to express your feelings and fears. Whom you choose to off-load on depends on your needs and available options, your partner, family, friends or healthcare professionals.  

You might like to read this book for support: 

From Both Ends of the Stethoscope: Getting through breast cancer – by a doctor who knows by Dr Kathleen Thompson. 

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