The health benefits of green spaces 

Many of us take the great outdoors for granted and choose to be indoors away from the beauty and nature the world brings us. People with breast cancer may find themselves spending a lot of time indoors, whether it is because they are receiving medical treatment or they don’t feel well enough be out and about. 

However, research has shown that there is a positive relationship between green space and general well-being, proving to reduce depression, anxiety and stress which are all challenges that someone who is undergoing breast cancer treatment may be experiencing. 

A garden or other green space gives people close to them the chance to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, taking time for themselves or with others to relax. 

Many people comment how helpful it is to them to spend time outside and in natural surroundings during their breast cancer experience. Exercise and relaxation outdoors 

Research shows the benefit of exercise during breast cancer treatment, some of which can take place in a garden.  

Mindfulness, yoga and Tai Chi classes can be done outdoors during the warmer weather. These practices, which help many to tackle stress, are perfect for the outdoors. Doing these practices in natural surroundings may help to promote their effectiveness for some. This is because exercising outdoors has been linked to higher feelings of wellbeing and lower feelings of stress or anxiety than doing the same activity indoors. 


You may also find that tending to a few plants or a garden, no matter how small, can be very relaxing and delightful.  

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