Regardless of lifestyle and routine, very few people are able to avoid experiencing stress at one point or another. 

It is important for everyone to give ourselves the time we need to take care of ourselves, however, for those going through an experience such as breast cancer this can be particularly difficult. 

Stress is very common during breast cancer and every therapy we offer is specifically designed to combat this. 

We’ve listed three of our most effective stress-busting approaches and how these can be applied to daily life. 


Mindfulness is all about taking time to live with more ease no matter what we are facing from moment to moment. By simply taking a moment to pay attention to sensations in your body and your breathing, the benefits can be huge. Many of our visitors report that the thoughts and worries in their head seem manageable after a short mindfulness session. 

It involves bringing attention to our senses; the sensation of our breathing, the feeling of our body on the chair. Even though the mind keeps wandering, by bringing our attention back again and again to the present moment, we can find some relief for our worries and feel less stressed.  

Mindfulness is ideal for people affected by breast cancer as it can be performed anywhere – at home, in hospital, even in public. No additional equipment is needed and a mindfulness session can last for any amount of time. 

Watch and practice mindfulness via our self-help films and audios available on our website and on Youtube. 


Physical activity works wonders for stress, it keeps your body healthy and releases endorphins; natural hormones that make you feel good. 

Yoga is a form of exercise that is particularly suitable for people who are experiencing breast cancer. It is gentle in nature and works to tackle many of the stress-inducing factors that our visitors experience during breast cancer treatment. Yoga can also be practiced at home, making it ideal for winding down in the evenings during busy days at the hospital. 

In a similar way to mindfulness, yoga navigates your awareness away from stressful thoughts and towards physical sensations that are experienced during the practice. 

Moreover, when you are stressed, your body builds up a lot of tension which can often be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Yoga stretching works to release this tension from the areas that may be restricted in movement following breast cancer, surgery and radiotherapy, particularly the arms and shoulders which are common problem areas for people affected by breast cancer treatment. 

You can watch and join in on our Gentle Yoga film via our website and on Youtube. 

Healthy Eating 

Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is crucial during breast cancer. The food we consume is also intrinsically linked to our mood and stress levels. However, finding the healthiest diet and foods to eat can be difficult.  

We want you to find the most appropriate eating plan that will keep you as healthy and relaxed as possible during breast cancer and will help you best manage your symptoms and the side effects of treatment.  

Eating well can support your immune system, sleep, fatigue, and menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and joint pain. 

You can watch our film on Healthy eating as well as our film on juices and smoothie making. 

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