An update from Breast Cancer Haven DECEMBER 2021

We want you to know that we are continuing to provide vital help and support to people affected by breast cancer both in the UK and across the world via our website information, 45 self-help films, audios and webinars. We have been providing web-based support since 2008 and this continues to be a lifeline for many. For example, over the years, views of our lymphoedema support films have run into several hundred thousand.

Following the suspension of our live online service at the end of June 2021, we have had 29,045 people visiting our website with 52,001 views from 154 countries. We have had 8,829 views of our self-help films and audios. Some of the most popular films have been our Counselling group (881 views), Lymphoedema Awareness – Reducing your risk information and support exercises (776 views) Nordic Walking (538views), as well as a number of our recipes (378 views).

Evaluation of these web-based resources has been extremely positive with 96% of people saying that they would recommend these to others, 93% finding these resources helpful for emotional support and reducing mental health issues such as loneliness and isolation, and over 90% of people finding the various exercise, including breast cancer specific yoga and Tai Chi, healthy eating, and healthy environment films helpful too.

The mindfulness, relaxation and guided imagery audios were also found to be helpful by 88% of people. People found it helpful to develop or maintain some ease and relaxation on a regular basis with the support of the guidance.

People particularly appreciated online help when they are not well enough to leave home and this is particularly relevant whilst living with breast cancer and its treatments during the current pandemic.

We are delighted to be able to continue to provide this lifeline to people affected by breast cancer in this important and impactful way. We hope to recommence our Live Online services during 2022.


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