We discuss the benefits of massage and relaxation during breast cancer and let you know where and how you can safely receive this treatment. 

Massage has health benefits and can help you to unwind during breast cancer

The exhausting nature of breast cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, can take physical and emotional tolls on your body. Taking time to relax is of great importance during breast cancer and clinical research indicates that massage therapy has health and wellbeing benefits.  

However, recent stories being published by news outlets explain that many parlours and therapists in the UK turn people away with breast cancer. 

Beauty therapists are not trained or insured to care for people with cancer 

Whilst these stories are upsetting, it is important to know that beauty therapists are not insured to care for people with cancer. This is why they cannot provide treatments for people in a spa and wellbeing environment. 

“Unfortunately, most beauty therapists are not trained to provide treatments for people with cancer. There is additional training needed so that massage therapists can safely work with people affected by cancer”, says Dr Caroline Hoffman. 

“However, there is no evidence that gentle massage spreads cancer, it is as stimulating to the body as mild to moderate exercise”. 

Massage therapists should never work over any areas of the body where there may be unexplained lumps or other abnormalities. People are always advised to go to their GP with any physical changes that they are concerned about. 

If you’ve been turned away from a beauty spa, there are alternative ways you can receive safe massage treatments to help alleviate the side effects of breast cancer, helping you to relax, reduce pain, stress and become more energised. 

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