When James Salmon and two teams of colleagues from Barings offices in London and Germany meet in Amsterdam on June 30 following the conclusion of a 145-mile bike ride, they expect a subdued sort of celebration – provided everyone can still stand.

They’ll celebrate because the group will have accomplished an ambitious and noble goal together, having embarked on an arduous two-day physical challenge while raising money to benefit cancer patients. The significance and meaning behind their efforts, though, is rooted in their determination to honour the memory of Helen Salmon, James’s wife of 14 years. Helen, who died in August 2016, relied on the support and services provided by Breast Cancer Haven throughout her seven-year battle with the disease.

At Breast Cancer Haven, a team of specialised nurses and counsellors who are experienced treating people with breast cancer provide support services beyond hospital care, including: complimentary therapies to help cope with symptoms and side effects of diagnosis and treatment, exercise programs, emotional and physical support groups, talks, and workshops and courses to help reduce stress.

Barings is supporting the team’s ride and their efforts to help others receive the same comfort Breast Cancer Haven has provided to Helen Salmon and thousands of other women. Any associate donations will also be matched by Barings, dollar-for-dollar, pound for pound up to a total of £10,000.