You can support our Wessex centre this Christmas in many ways, including making a donation in lieu of sending a Christmas card, or you could hold a Christmas jumper day at your workplace.

Read our fantastic poem from Elaine...


Christmas cards usually fall off the fireplace

While we're watching the speech of the queen

And they all end up crushed in a dustbin

The biggest waste of our money ever seen


So this year can we not spend our money

Just On white snowmen and big robins red

And let's not pay for royal mail postage

Let's give cash to Breast Cancer Haven instead


Because Breast Cancer Haven is special

Giving women and men great support

From emotional to physical to practical

It'll be the best Christmas gift ever bought


And if you pay to wear loud Christmas jumpers

Make Breast Cancer Haven your charity of choice

And change the lives of those living with cancer

It's the true meaning of Christmas we rejoice


Written by Elaine Challis