A secondary breast cancer diagnosis is devastating. Medical treatment slows the disease but it can’t be cured so people can feel hopeless, angry, scared about the future and worried about their families. They can often feel marginalised by breast cancer services and just “left to get on with it”.

People with secondary breast cancer can have complex and different needs. Emotional support and counselling is obviously important for them and often their families too.

The Haven is here to support them every step of the way. Currently around 20% of our Visitors have secondary breast cancer but we know the need is greater so we would like to support more. We give them the emotional support that they may need to make key decisions about their treatment, we help them to deal with the side-effects of long-term medical treatment and provide a welcoming place to meet other people going through a similar situation. We can support their families too, so that they can all get on with leading full and happy lives.

We support Pat who is living with secondary breast cancer. She says:

I have had the most amazing support, my family and friends are so strong and supportive and the people at The Haven are wonderful too – really encouraging and no matter how you feel they can empathise. They help get me through each day.