A breast cancer diagnosis and a gruelling treatment regime often leaves behind difficult physical and emotional challenges, which makes life after treatment extremely hard to deal with, and this is especially true if you have had a mastectomy.

Hair loss, weight gain, feeling abandoned, low and angry are all things that you can experience after breast cancer which can really damage your self-esteem and body image. If you’ve had a mastectomy, you may be left feeling traumatised and overwhelmed by the changes to your body post-surgery. It is also common to worry about relationships and intimacy, going out, feeling less feminine and having to think much more about what to wear.

Getting help

Whilst these problems may feel traumatic or even unfixable, there are ways to get support. Speaking about how you feel with close friends, family or a doctor can be helpful in coming to terms with what you are going through. Our free personalised programme of support at Breast Cancer Haven is also available for you whenever you may need it. We offer numerous therapies which can help to alleviate physical and emotional stress and challenges.

Dressing confidently

Issues with body confidence and self-esteem are common amongst Breast Cancer Haven visitors, and it’s for this reason that we feel our partnership with Nicola Jane Mastectomy Fashion is such a natural fit. Just like Breast Cancer Haven, Nicola Jane are dedicated to empowering women and restoring their confidence after breast cancer treatment. Their post-surgery lingerie and swimwear is suitable for use after all types of breast cancer surgery and feature pockets to hold a prosthesis and higher underarms and necklines to discreetly disguise any scarring after surgery.

Nicola Jane also offer fittings and have stores in London, Leeds and Chichester; conveniently located near to the London, Leeds and Wessex Breast Cancer Haven centres.

The Grace bra range

Nicola Jane have supported Breast Cancer Haven for many years, donating thousands of pounds to help us to continue providing our free breast cancer support. They’ve donated money from online and in-store sales, provided pieces to be modelled by our visitors in our Blossom fashion show, and even created a unique range of bras solely to fundraise for us.

This year, Nicola Jane are supporting us once again by donating 10% of every order from the Grace range to them. The Grace range consists of the Grace bra and the matching Grace briefs, which both come in a lovely soft mint colour. You can purchase yours here.

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem and body confidence, we’re here for you. Book an appointment and start receiving our free support at Breast Cancer Haven today.