Eating well and maintaining a balanced diet is one of the most crucial factors of keeping healthy. This is especially true for those that are unwell or fighting serious conditions such as breast cancer -- giving your body the right fuel is of paramount importance.

For this reason, Breast Cancer Haven staff from across the country have come together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to create a list of their top 9 favourite healthy recipes. All recipes can be found in our 'Haven in Your Kitchen' recipe book.



“I love the Warm Beetroot and Quinoa recipe (page 46) as it is delicious, easy to make, looks fantastic with the purple of the beetroot mixed with the green of the herbs and is a great ‘transportable’ lunch!

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway!) – It’s also full of nutrients and well balanced when adding some extra protein such as beans, fish or chicken.

Make double and keep in fridge for two easy lunches”.


— Morna Murphy, Nutritional Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven, Leeds



“My favourite recipe is the Fragrant Vegetable Curry (page 71).

It is a mild but very flavourful mix of vegetables and spices, very easy to prepare and any curry left over can be frozen for another day without loss of taste or flavour”.

— Dr Barbara Baker, Senior Research Fellow at Breast Cancer Haven HQ in London


My favourite is also the Fragrant Vegetable Curry because it is extremely tasty and perfect all year round especially for fussy family members as it’s packed with nutrients”.

— Laura Hignett, Committed Giving and Legacies Senior Officer at Breast Cancer Haven HQ in London



“I love the Roasted Spiced Couscous (page 81). Before getting the Haven Cook book I didn’t know you could roast couscous. It was a revelation to me and makes such a difference to the flavour that I wouldn’t dream of not roasting it now. This is a dish that literally take minutes to prepare and cook. Healthy fast food”.

— Juliette Best, Nurse-Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven, Hereford



“I love the Puy Lentil Vegpot (page 79).

When I am busy and strapped for time this recipe is so quick and easy to whip up and has become a firm favourite in our house. It tastes great and is really hearty on a cold day”.

— Tina Glynn, Senior Cancer Nurse/Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven, London.



My favourite recipe is nutritious and delicious and provides a safe 'sweet hit';  the Truffle Treats energy balls” (page 115).  (recipe)

— Kath Antonis, Aromatherapist at Breast Cancer Haven, Leeds



I love the Pea and Mint Soup (page 56).  It's so easy to make, contains non-expensive ingredients and feels really healthy.  I can put half of it in the freezer so I have a second meal which is even less effort”.

— Megan Inglesant, Yoga Instructor at Breast Cancer Haven, London 



“My favourite is the Earl Grey Fruitcake (page 120).

When the ‘Haven in Your Kitchen’ book was launched, I cooked something from it for a press launch event. Although a Bake Off fan, I am no cook and most of my dishes turn out as a grey mush. I thought the Earl Grey Fruitcake would be my safest bet. It takes 3 hours to soak the fruit in the tea but then you just mix everything, throw in a tin and (in a Sue Perkins like voice) BAKE.

I turned up for the book launch with a reasonably looking, if a tad pale cake. I was chuffed. The Hereford Times photographer arrived and what did he want to photograph? MY CAKE! It looked good, it tasted good and the paparazzi loved it”.

— Frankie Devereux, Fundraising Manager at Breast Cancer Haven, Hereford



“The Grilled Sea Bass is the best one for me! (Page 87)

It’s a really easy meal to make that’s nutritional and tasty – for those that are a bit wary of fish you can get your local/supermarket fishmonger to prepare it for you with no cost.

It’s high in protein so great for the extra energy and perfect for summer evenings!”

— Josh Goddard, Community Fundraising Executive at Breast Cancer Haven, London



“I think I would have to choose Chickpeas with Tomato and Coconut! 

I really encourage my clients to have at least one vegetarian meal a week and ideally more and this is a great recipe to have on hand. Plus I love curries as you can include so many healthy ingredients e.g. garlic, ginger, turmeric and fresh coriander! Garlic contains the allicin which has much research behind it including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure plus supporting digestive health along with the ginger.  Turmeric is an essential regular ingredient for people with breast cancer. The active ingredient curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory often used for relieving joint pain and IBS symptoms. But it's also antibacterial, anti-viral and has antioxidant properties. Its antioxidant properties means it can help neutralise free radicals - essential in the fight against cancer. 

— Julie Weston, Nutritional Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex



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