Dealing with the emotional fallout of cancer (EFT)

Breast Cancer Haven therapist Sean Grey discusses the benefits of using Emotional Freedom Technique during breast cancerRead more

"Mentally, I had reached a point where I was struggling to cope"

The constant hospital appointments, treatment, tests, results and complications began to have a major psychological impact.Read more

Running the Virgin London Marathon – my proudest achievement

Running the Virgin London Marathon 2017 to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven was the biggest challenge I have ever undertakenRead more

Everyone just understood what I’d been through

I didn’t have breast cancer any more but I’d been through this huge thing and didn’t feel the same as I used to be before it.Read more

The world looks brighter and my sparkle is returning

The diagnosis came at a time of considerable stress in my life; initially I refused to face it.Read more

Telling my family was the hardest part

Five of Janet’s aunts have had breast cancer so when she was diagnosed a few months after her sister; it sent shock waves through her whole family.Read more