“I didn’t even know breast cancer was possible in men”.

Dr Olu Taiwo leads a lifestyle that can only be described as remarkably healthy. Yet in early 2018, shortly after booking a check-up for a painless lump on his chest, Olu was diagnosed with breast cancer. Read more

Callie's story

"Breast Cancer Haven was my place of safety, a place I could go and really be myself." Callie shares her story to launch our Christmas raffle. Read more

Nicole-Rachelle's story

"The invaluable free and personalised support and advice has helped make Breast Cancer Haven a great treasure in my breast cancer story" Read more

Emmeline's story

"It was hard to hear that I had breast cancer, but I was adamant that I would stay focussed on giving birth to a happy, healthy baby" Read more

Martina's story

"I am so grateful that they were there for me when I was trying to tackle breast cancer all by myself” Read more

Afterwards it hit me. What do I do now?

During my treatment there was so much support from medical professionals and my friends and family. My life had revolved around my treatment and I just had to get on with it. But then afterwards it hit me, what do I do now? Read more

Sharon's story

"I didn’t know the warning signs and I hadn’t been taught how to examine my breasts, so I didn’t find the lump early." Read more

Chris' story

"Whilst it was my diagnosis and illness, I felt like it was my fault for destroying my loved ones’ worlds, particularly my children’s." Read more

Sarah's story

“Being a GP I know the importance of self-checking and regularly self-examine my breasts for lumps, however, during a check just before my birthday, I unfortunately found a lump in my right breast." Read more