This six part "Breast Cancer Haven Exploring..." series can be done in it's entirety, or sign up for the individiual sessions you think most useful.

Joining a "Breast Cancer Haven Exploring..." Group gives you an opportunity to engage in structured sharing in small groups on relevant and topical themes.

You can expect:

• Focussed content in relation to the topic as a starting point for discussion

• Time for exploring the topic in small breakout groups, with sharing of experiences and ideas

• Discussion in the whole group with a focus on practical approaches

• Personal reflection and consideration of what you are taking away from the session.

These sessions are led by Eve Warren, Haven Life-Work Coach, workshop leader and ex-visitor.

Breast Cancer Haven Exploring...Intentions and Goals, demystifying the process:

  • You may have heard of many different approaches to goal setting. What is actually helpful?
  • Explore how clarifying your intentions and aspirations can be a positive step
  • Discuss a tried and tested practical approach to writing goals

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Exploring Intentions and goals

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