Joining a "Breast Cancer Haven Exploring..." Group gives you an opportunity to engage in structured sharing in small groups on relevant and topical themes.

This six part "Breast Cancer Haven Exploring..." series can be done in it's entirety, or sign up for the individual sessions you think most useful.

You can expect:

• Focussed content in relation to the topic as a starting point for discussion

• Time for exploring the topic in small breakout groups, with sharing of experiences and ideas

• Discussion in the whole group with a focus on practical approaches

• Personal reflection and consideration of what you are taking away from the session.

These sessions are led by Eve Warren, Haven Life-Work Coach, workshop leader and ex-visitor.

Breast Cancer Haven Exploring...Work and my career in times of change:

  • There are many practical work and career issues to consider as we navigate breast cancer.
  • What are the important principles on which to base decisions and action?
  • Explore how you can apply these to your own situation and find ways to move forward.

Booking for this event has now closed.