Taught by Vivien Thickett, this class will provide an opportunity for safe, gentle movement and breath-work, aiding flexibility and relaxation.

Vivien teaches how to relax the mind and the body; how to explore your body’s limits and potential, and to become aware of the breath. Everyone is encouraged to stay within their own range of movement, not to strain, but to recognise what they are capable of and to note the improvements which can come with regular practice. It is hoped you will leave with an enhanced feeling of well-being. Some of the exercises you will be able to try at home once you are confident.

The maximum group size is 8 people and booking is essential.

Booking: Enquire on-line or contact the Front Desk team on 0121 726 9570 or by emailing: [email protected] 

The cost is £6.00 per session, payment is required to confirm your place.



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