Are You Looking For A Way to Move Forward?

We understand breast cancer changes everything.  If you've had treatment for breast cancer and are looking for support on how to adjust Breast Cancer Care's Moving Forward Course can help.

Whether you are experiencing side effects of treatment, wondering how to adopt a healthier lifestyle or finding it hard to make sense of your breast cancer experience, the Moving Forward Courses are here for you. 

Run in partnership with the Breast Care team from the County Hospital, Hereford and held at Breast Cancer Haven Hereford, the course takes place over half a day for four weeks. Delivered by a range of expert speakers it aims to provide information, support and professional guidance on how to cope with and adjust to life after breast cancer treatment. 

The course is open to people who have had a primary breast cancer diagnosis and have finished their hospital based treatment.  We ask that you are free to attend every week of the course.

Join us and meet other people like you on our Moving Forward Course.

Booking is essential - For more information and to book please call on 0345 077 1893 or email [email protected]