Led by Jane Sethi

Mindfulness helps embrace moments of uncertainty and fear in our lives. It is a practice of being present, awake and alert, alive and attentive. It helps us develop more stability and a greater capacity to accept ourselves and our lives just as they are. Something very powerful happens when we slow down and start being fully present in our lives.

When we bring our attention to our senses, in movement or in sitting meditation, something settles within us. It’s like coming home, touching base, drinking from clear, fresh water. It doesn’t mean to say the difficulties of life go away, but we learn to develop new perspectives and deeper insights, a different way of seeing and the ability to develop a practice that cultivates calm, happiness and equanimity at the root of our being.

In these sessions, we will explore together some gentle practices which help bring awareness to the body and calm the mind.

Sessions are open to everyone.  Priority would be given to people with breast cancer in the event of over subscription.   

Cost: £7 per session.


Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

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