Squatober is a fun and challenging way to combine fitness and fundraising!

Breast Cancer Haven in Wessex would love the south coast to get involved.

Squatting, whilst being an exercise that requires some stamina, is a fun and easy way to raise money, and so we would love individuals, gyms, sports clubs and fitness groups to get involved this October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

How to take part:

  • If you attend a gym or sports club, run one or are a personal trainer, you could approach your fellow gym-goers or classes to get involved.
  • You or your gym/sports club could designate a certain day during October where the entire gym or sports club squat together, gathering donations towards the event throughout the month.
  • You or your gym/sports club could nominate a member of staff to squat based on donations collected throughout October (challenge commencing in the last week).
  • You could fundraise as an individual by using a sponsorship form where people donate £1-2 and you then squat in accordance with how much you raise.

The challenge is open to your interpretation; it should be all about fun, fitness and fundraising.

The group, club, gym or individual who raise the most funds will also have the chance to win a healthy prize package.

Sign up to receive your Squatober pack here.

Don't be afraid to fundraise solo and squat in your own home either! No amount raised is too big or too small.

**Squatting safely: we believe that squatting is an accessible exercise for many people of different fitness levels but we encourage people who may have preventative health issues such as back problems to refrain from squatting too much, and encourage people to warm-up accordingly**

Get in contact with the Fundraising Team if you have any questions.

p: 01329 559-295

e: wessexfundraising@breastcancerhaven.org.uk