Julie has helped hundreds of women post diagnosis lose the weight they never thought possible, without feeling hungry or (miserable).

Hormonal therapy is not a sentence to bigger clothes.  Be warned, this diet is likely to give you more energy, as well as needing a new wardrobe.

Over 62% of people are overweight or obese. Most of those people don’t want to carry excess weight but, losing weight is not easy. Many people who do successfully lose weight put it all back on, plus more, unfortunately. Both menopause and the treatment for breast cancer can cause weight gain. However, we know that maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of good health.

There are many diet books on the market, but how many of these diets are sustainable? Or even healthy?

This workshop is open to anyone.  However, we may not be able to answer specific questions relating to cancers other than breast cancer.

If you are accessing our online classes from a smart phone or device, you may need to download the Zoom app before you start. 

All of our online classes are free to join. If you are able to, please consider making a donation.


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