Brand new to the event calendar for 2017, set in the beautiful grounds of St Swithun's School, just outside of Winchester city centre, is the St Swithun's Triathlon.

To begin your race, take to the St Swithun's pool and splash your way through the water in the shallow, beginner friendly 4 lane pool. We will organise the waves of similar ability, so don't worry about those fast timers!

With the impressive grounds always within sight, you'll find transition easily just outside the pool area. With hanging trees and the stunning view of the school here, you'll take to the impending cycle route with a smile! 

Cycling out of the grounds and onto the country roads of Winchester, following a unique trail you will be sure to pass through the quaint villages of Easton and Avington - you may even catch a glimpse of the impressive 17th-century Avington Mansion!

The last leg of the triathlon will consist of a run through the picturesque grounds. Following out of the school and onto the main road - don't worry, our lovely marshals will be on hand directing you - you will be guided back in and around the back of the brand new junior school facilities.

And saving the very best to last, as you come to finish your triathlon, you will find yourself running alongside remarkable outback views of Winchester. Take a breath as you cross the finish line, where our fantastic team of marshals will be ready to greet you with your well-deserved medal.

To find out more about the School and grounds, please visit the St Swithun's website by clicking here.

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Are you keen to take on this challenge?

Event Fee: £20 to enter

Sponsorship Target: £150.00

Are you interested in taking on this personal challenge whilst at the same time supporting those affected by Breast Cancer? In order to register you will need to complete our registration form and pay the small fee of £20.00 to secure your place. Once registered we will send you further details of the Triathlon and will be there to support you in the lead up to the event and will of course be there to support you on the day.

 For more information or to book your place, please contact Justin Heath at Breast Cancer Haven Wessex on 01329 559294 or email:


Can anyone be a triathlete?

Yes, absolutely anyone can be a triathlete. Anyone who can swim, bike and run can participate in a triathlon, which also means that physically challenged people can race. The most famous team in the triathlon world is Team Hoyt, comprised of a father who races with his physically challenged son in marathons, duathlons and Ironmans (triathlons) all over the world. Check out Team Hoyt for more information or for a life time's worth of inspiration!

Do you have to be a life time athlete to be a triathlete?

Nope! Triathletes come in all shapes and sizes. When you see the brochures or visit the race website, you'll only see pictures of a super fit muscle man wrapped in a wet suit and a great tan. In reality, the average person that comes in after he crosses the finish line is the average Joe and Jane. They are mother, fathers, grandparents, full-time job holders and other people like that. They don't train full time and have sponsors; they work 9-5! The average triathlete participating in mini-triathlons looks like that guy sitting next to you at work.

When do I get my race pack?

Race packs are available for collection on event day – your pack will include your race bib, chip timer and swim hat.

What kit do I need to bring on the day?

There are several things that you will need on the day to help you to perform your best. The following is a list of our suggestions - talk to other triathletes and develop a list to best suit you.

  • Warm/suitable clothes for prior to and after the event
  • Safety pins - for race number
  • Race numbers - attached to your race t-shirt or race belt, with any medical conditions clearly written on the back of both numbers. You will need to show your race numbers to get into transition 
  • Triathlon suit - all-in-one, two piece or equivalent; or swim costume, t-shirt and shorts.
  • Goggles
  • Bike – leave it set up in transition in a low gear so you can get going easily!
  • Spare inner tube and tyre levers (in case you get a flat tyre en route) - probably best to store these in an under-saddlebag, crossbar bag, or similar 
  • Tyre pump - probably mounted on your bike 
  • Helmet (with the straps undone and untangled - ready to quickly put on). Your helmet must be put on BEFORE you TOUCH your bike in transition
  • Talc - leave ready-sprinkled in your cycle shoes (your feet may be wet after your swim) 
  • Towel - to dry your face/hands with after your swim 
  • Bike shoes (if using a separate pair of clip-in shoes) 
  • Drink bottle - with your preferred drink in, stored on your bike 
  • Energy bars/gels - taped to your bike, or stuffed in a pocket
  • Run shoes (some people prefer elasticated laces to aid the speed at which these can be put on)
  • Socks - if you prefer these with your bike and/or run shoes 
  • Another good tip is to memorise your bike position in transition, and walk through each stage of coming in and out of transition before you start your event

 For more information or to book your place, please contact Justin Heath at Breast Cancer Haven Wessex on 01329 559294 or email:


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Booking for this event has now closed.