Counselling gives you an opportunity to receive emotional support and practical guidance to help you find better ways to cope with the effects of breast cancer.

Watch our film of a counselling group.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can leave you feeling shocked and uncertain of the future. You may be frightened of the cancer treatment and these feelings can affect people close to you as well.

You may feel stressed as you are trying to cope with breast cancer but also deal with all the other things that are going on in your life such as your intimate relationships, work or bringing up children.

All of these feelings can become overwhelming and you may be bottling them up, but trying to carry on as normal can be very draining.

Counselling involves talking to a professionally trained and highly experienced counsellor or psychotherapist. As well as listening to you, counsellors may also use other techniques to help you express your feelings and better manage your experience of breast cancer. They may also suggest some practical techniques for you to try at home.

We can also offer free counselling to a family member or friend close to someone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

What our Visitors think

85% of Haven visitors find counselling very helpful. There is much research evidence to show that counselling can help you cope better, reduce stress and improve the quality of life following a diagnosis of cancer. The research suggests that it can help relieve depression and anxiety brought on by cancer.


Counselling is available at London, Hereford, Leeds, Wessex and Worcester Havens.