A healthy environment

Some tips on how you can create a healthier environment.Read more

A support group

Our counsellor discusses some commonest concernsRead more


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Audio CD: An introduction

Listen to this introduction to our audio CDs by Dr. Caroline Hoffman.Read more

Audio CD: Hypnotherapy

Listen to this Hypnotherapy audio CD with Gosia Goran.Read more

Audio CD: Mindfulness meditation

Listen to this mindfullness meditation audion with Dr. Caroline HoffmanRead more

Audio CD: Relaxation and Visualisation

Listen to this Relaxation and Visualisation audion with Anne GreyRead more

Audio CD: Self compassion

Listen to this Visualisation audio CD with Anne GreyRead more

Big Tea Cosy 1

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Breast Cancer Haven at London hospitals

Find out about our breast cancer support centres opening from March-June at North-London hospitalsRead more