Hurray for Mental Health Awareness Week

The one thing about mental health that makes me happy and want to jump up and down is that we can now all talk more freely about what thoughts we are having and how we feel. Read more

Breast cancer and mental health

In anticipation of National Mental Health Awareness Week we sat down with Dr Caroline Hoffman, Clinical and Research Director at BCH to discuss the impact that breast cancer can have on mental health. Read more

Men can get breast cancer?

Every year there are 55,122 incidents of breast cancer in the UK alone. Whilst most cases of breast cancer are female, men can be affected by breast cancer too. Read more

A new relationship blossoms

The Evelyn H. Lauder garden will be an extra space for relaxation and healing for our visitors Read more

How aromatherapy can provide relief during breast cancer

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The health benefits of green spaces

Spending time in green spaces has many health benefits which can be beneficial during breast cancer Read more