Healthy Baking - Cookery Workshop (London)

This workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to reduce their gluten intake whether because of intolerance, or those aiming to improve their digestion. It focuses on using alternatives rather than substitutes. This session is open to everyone, not only people directly affected by Breast Cancer, so feel free to invite a friend to come too Read more

Reinventing Your Image

This workshop will demonstrate techniques and honest advice about what you can do to make the most of changes to your body, hair and skin following cancer treatment - an opportunity for reinvention!Read more

Dairy Free Staples - Cookery Workshop (London)

Sarah Lumley, celebrates 15 years being Nutritional Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven with this dairy free staples workshop. Read more

Lymphoedema Awareness: Reducing Your Risk (London)

Workshop run by Tina Glynn, Senior Cancer Nurse and therapist. Learn how to reduce your risk of developing lymphoedema after surgery/ radiotherapy.Read more

Working it Out, Seminar

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and have questions or concerns about how this might impact you in the workplace? Read more

Fast asleep, wide awake: Creating Optimal Sleep

This half day workshop with Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Neurophysiologist, will help you to understand sleep and why it is so important. Read more

Breast Cancer Haven in your kitchen: Celebrating Autumn

Join Sarah as she demonstrates a selection of autumn recipes. Expect a fun and informative morning with plenty of food!Read more

Emotional Freedom Technique, London

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a self-help tool that can aid recovery by bringing your mind and body into harmony and clearing away negative thoughts. Read more