We urgently need your support

We all find ourselves in unprecedented times, but for many dealing with the everyday stress of this situation as well as the ongoing worries around treatment and isolation can be overwhelming. It is therefore critical that we remain accessible to both our current visitors, and to anyone who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because cancer doesn't stop for the coronavirus. 

The outbreak of coronavirus is having a huge impact on our ability to raise the money we need to continue providing this vital support. And with the postponement of many of our fundraising events, Breast Cancer Haven is currently in a vulnerable position.

We remain absolutely committed to providing our support to anyone who needs us. Since the outbreak of coronavirus we have quickly adapted our programme to ensure we continue to provide vital care and support. Many of our face-to-face services are now being offered virtually or over the phone, and we are running online classes and support groups. We know that so many of our visitors fall into the most at-risk categories for being affected by this virus, and we are here to ensure that everyone gets the help they need at this difficult time, even if they cannot leave their homes. ​

But we can't do this without you. Now, more than ever we need your help. 

Please support our urgent appeal to ensure we are still here to help the people who need us the most, when they need us the most.

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