Being told you have breast cancer is devastating. It can be an emotionally and physically tough time. This where Breast Cancer Haven comes in; to provide free support for anyone affected by breast cancer – whenever they need us, every step of the way. But it’s simply not possible without regular gifts.  

By becoming a Friend and setting up a regular gift today, your support will ensure that everyone with breast cancer can get the help they need and you will be making a huge difference to the thousands of men and women who are going through their toughest times.

A regular donation of just £3 a month is an incredible way to support Breast Cancer Haven.

 By becoming a Friend, your donation could help pay for:

  • one-to-one counselling for a mother who needs help telling her children about her breast cancer diagnosis
  • specialist acupuncture treatments to a service user who is in desperate need of help to get through the physical challenges of chemotherapy
  • specialist welfare and financial advice to a single parent with secondary breast cancer who cannot go back to work and is struggling with money.

Our services are in more demand than ever. To thousands of people going through a difficult and daunting time; we are a lifeline. Without the generosity of our Friends like you, we simply would not be able to do this.


What a regular donation means to us:

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