How to raise money at your Big Tea Cosy

* Charge an entrance fee - the cakes will be so delicious, people will be happy to pay

* Sell each slice of cake for £2...or are they worth more?

* Have a cake decorating competition and auction off the winning cake to the highest bidder

* Rope in friends with skills - know anyone who can offer massages or mini-makovers? Your guests can donate for their session

* Play some games - with an entry fee - guess the weight of sugar in a jar or doily origami

* Knit a tea cosy competition - then auction off the winner

* Have a raffle - ask friends or local businesses to donate the prizes

* Have a silent auction - your guest can write down their bids for the prizes

Don't forget to set up a collection box - why not use a tea pot - to collect all the loose coins your guests will have in their pockets.

Contact your nearest fundraising teams for more help and assistance on making your Tea Cosy a success.

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