Fancy a new challenge? Well, grab your running shoes and start training and fundraising for the Leeds 10k to help us support more people affected by breast cancer.

2018 is the 12th year of the annual 10k challenge which encourages those from across the county to come together and support one another in an exhilarating running challenge and all for a great cause.

Breast Cancer Haven has previously benefited from great fundraisers over the year who are passionate about the services we provide and want to continue the great work we do for those affected by breast cancer.

Laura's story

In 2016, Laura decided to run the Leeds 10k for Breast Cancer Haven. Laura is passionate about the services Breast Cancer Haven provides and wanted to raise money to help us continue the work we do.

Why run for Breast Cancer Haven?

Laura said: “The fact that Breast Cancer Haven supports people living with breast cancer was one of the main reasons I wanted to fundraise and help the charity. There are lots of amazing charities out there that are working to cure and prevent illness but I believe strongly in the importance of ensuring those dealing with breast cancer have the support needed to give them the best quality of life.”

Laura wasn’t a fan of running but decided she wanted to do something out of her comfort zone to raise money. Laura added: “I don’t like running, in fact it is safe to say I hate it! But that meant completing the Leeds 10k was even more of a challenge for me so I hoped this would inspire people to donate and help me reach my goal.”

Training for the Leeds 10k

When Laura began her training, she found it difficult to run 1km and was held back by severe stitches. “I struggled with running 1km, never mind 10km!” stated Laura. “Training was proving difficult because of the stitches which resulted in me having to change my running style. I switched my focus from doing my routes in a particular time, to completing them without stopping, which resulted in slower times but increased stamina which helped.”

Another challenge Laura faced which is common amongst runners was the motivation to train. “I would get home from a long day at work and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run. What motivated me was the thought that not only was this good for my health, but the money that I would raise would go towards supporting people who are facing a significantly more difficult challenge than running a 10k”.

The finish line

Laura exceeded her own expectations by completing the Leeds 10k and raising a colossal £600 for Breast Cancer Haven. “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to raise £100 but was so moved by the support from my friends, family and colleagues”.

Laura would recommend others to run for Breast Cancer Haven and commented on what a positive experience she had. “I felt like Breast Cancer Haven really appreciated the money I had raised and were great at recognising my achievements. The support on the lead up to the day was great and especially on the day itself. I remember struggling towards the finish line and a Breast Cancer Haven supporter cheered my name and it gave me that extra kick I needed to make it to the end.”

Feeling a spring in your step? Follow in Laura’s footsteps and sign up for the Leeds 10k 2018.