"On the first day of my radiotherapy, I was sat waiting for my appointment and feeling very nervous when I saw this lovely man enter the waiting room who was dressed immaculately in a suit, shirt and tie. He smiled at me and joined his two friends who were also sat down and dressed to impress. One of them had on this most dazzling pair of bright blue shoes. I thought it was fantastic that they took so much pride in their appearance, even though they were in a hospital waiting room and they were going through cancer treatment.

The next day I saw them again and, as I was on my own, I approached them and asked: “where’s the lovely blue shoes?” The conversation flowed after that and I learnt that their names were Steve, Steve and Graham. The four of us got on really well. 

I was looking forward to seeing them again the following day, but unfortunately my appointments didn’t fall at the same time as theirs and we never crossed paths again over the next four weeks, much to my upset.

On my last day of treatment I decided I would write a letter to them all and include my mobile number in the hope that one of the nurses would pass it on to them. I didn’t hold out much hope, but later that night a text came through and it said 'we are absolutely thrilled you left the note for us and we know that we will always be friends now'. That’s exactly what we are - best pals. We never go a day without a message and we meet up all the time. I’m so glad I met them all, they are the most amazing people. It was all down to those blue shoes."

- Tina, Breast Cancer Haven supporter