The first lockdown
Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on healthcare services across the country and as we know cancer services have been impacted as well.

Following the first lockdown in March 2020, breast screening services were essentially halted for six months in most areas leaving a backlog of over 500,000 eligible women waiting for screening. As screening services reopened, addressing this backlog and seeing new women for screening has meant ongoing delays.

Help Us Help You
The NHS Help Us Help You campaign is aimed to make sure that people worried about or affected by cancer know how to get the help they need too. Many people have been worried about ‘bothering’ their doctor with new symptoms during the pandemic, but as we all know, early diagnosis and treatment for breast and other cancers is vital.

Reinventing our services
In March 2020, at Breast Cancer Haven, we had to close the doors of our centres and reinvent our services immediately - making support available live and online via Zoom and over the phone. This help from our healthcare professionals, counsellors and complementary therapists became available within days of the first lockdown and has continued to grow from strength to strength.

To date we have provided over 7,500 appointments to more than 2,500 people affected by breast cancer. People can access this service by phone 0300 012 0112 or via [email protected] or via our website.

YouTube video support
We also continue to provide support to many more people across the world through our popular network of support films and audio files available on our website and these films are also available on YouTube.

Our plans for after Covid-19
Post Covid-19, we intend to continue with this new model of live online support but in addition to this, we intend to operate from outreach locations across the country where we can provide acupuncture and hands-on therapies in local areas as we know how vital these services are. The rollout of these will be both funding and Covid-19 dependent. As you can see, this pandemic has forced us to remodel our services to reduce overheads.

In London, we are delighted to be partnering with and receive generous funding from the charity, Future Dreams, to enable us to keep going with the refurbishment of the new London centre in Kings Cross, opening later in 2021 when conditions allow.

We remain optimistic that these new ways of working provide the opportunity for us to give our much needed support to many more people across the country.

If you're struggling with breast cancer and need some extra support, call 0300 012 0112 to speak to a member of the team or book a free one-to-one session. You can also book yourself onto a free online class.