"I certainly found out who my true friends were when I discovered I had breast cancer. People either drifted away as fast as they could or, like my friend Carly, they came forward in the most supportive and loving way possible, going that extra mile for me throughout the whole experience.

We hadn't really been that close for the year or so before my diagnosis; our lives had gone separate ways. However, having heard about my illness through mutual friends, Carly got in touch and from that point on she was my guardian angel.

She drove me to nearly all the chemo sessions and sat with me for the 6-7 hours it took each time. We laughed at her helping me to the toilet whilst I was attached to drips and cables and we chatted through the hours, sharing memories and gossip to get through the long haul that is chemotherapy.

She was always there to run me home and tuck me up safely afterwards and was always rushing off to pick up some remedy or treat to help me feel better. I will never forget how much Carly did for me at that time and she showed me what a truly wonderful and astonishingly caring person she is. A true true friend."

- Debbie

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