My life was great. I have a wonderful husband, son, family and friends. My business and career that I had worked so hard for had really taken off. I was travelling the world for business and pleasure and living my dream, until one day that dream came to a grinding halt when I was given the life changing news that I had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, aged just 34.

Shock, terror and sadness were among the main emotions that I felt and for the first time, my life was out of my control.

Then, via Breast Cancer Haven, I found EFT; a technique (that I had never heard of before) that I soon discovered could give me back some control.

EFT, or 'emotional freedom technique', is a form of acupuncture but without needles. Tapping on the body’s well established acupuncture points releases stress and calms the body’s nervous system (it gives the body’s nervous system an opportunity to rest).

EFT enabled me to address the strong emotions that were not only a result of my diagnosis but that I soon discovered had stemmed from childhood. It uncovered things I didn't even know were taking up space in my mind and provided me with great prospect during this challenging time.

EFT gives you the ability to take control of your mind and thoughts; challenging them, addressing them and releasing many negative aspects and emotions. This leaves you with a sense of calm and a clearer head.

I also discovered through EFT that I am a very anxious person, which was highlighted through my diagnosis. I used the EFT therapy sessions to address some of the key areas of my anxiety and with great results. I was even more delighted to learn that you can take away key EFT affirmations from the sessions and practise them yourself at home. These affirmations work to give you reminders that you are in control and that you can address the negative thoughts that enter your mind, especially during treatment, when you are not feeling yourself.


Essentially, EFT can:


  • Be a way of talking things through
  • A comfortable space to off load
  • By tapping you are physically making the change yourself
  • Gives you a sense of control
  • Enables you to stand up to your inner thoughts
  • Clears more space in your mind for more ideas, thoughts and positive influences
  • See the positives when you have worked on addressing the negatives that hold you back
  • Be a tool for life

I am now a full supporter and advocate of EFT and can't believe it has taken me until my diagnosis of breast cancer to discover this amazing technique. I promote it to all of my family and friends and to others that I have met along this journey in the hope it will help them like it has helped me. It is such a simple technique that, given the time to practise it, gives you great reward. For me, EFT has certainly helped with putting mental health on the map.

I am genuinely overwhelmed by its power and the difference it makes. It is a tool for life and will be essential with assisting me getting back to the life I had before cancer and enabling me to carrying on living that dream.

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