Challenges aren’t supposed to be easy. They push you to new boundaries, ones you may not even know exist. 

Elise Dixon’s challenge was a true test of her endurance, but knowing that she was creating a large impact for a charity close to home was enough for her to carry on and fight. 

From 23-25 March 2018, Elise took part in her biggest running challenge to date, three marathons in three days along the Jurassic Coast. Pretty brave, right? So why would Elise put herself through that? 

Raising the bar for Breast Cancer Haven

When Elise's friend Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer, Elise made sure she was there to care for Claire. However, Elise was determined to go above and beyond to show her support for her friend. When Claire began receiving free emotional, physical and practical support at Breast Cancer Haven, it was the perfect opportunity for Elise to truly show how much she cared.  

“I love running and always like to raise the bar and see how much further my body will take me” said Elise. "This is why my triple marathon run was the perfect challenge to fundraise for Breast Cancer Haven and thank them for supporting Claire".

Three marathons in three days  

Elise began her route at Charmouth and followed the coastal path right round to Shell Bay in Swanage. The long route was also a dangerous one and Elise had to take some safety precautions.  

"I had to self-navigate along the route. There was also a good amount of kit I had to carry such as a spare warm kit, compass, whistle, water and emergency rations."

The icing on the cake

Elise describes the three day run as "hard but an amazing experience."

"The route was quite water logged and muddy due the amount of rain and snow we had had just six weeks before. This slowed me down but I had friends and family meet me along the way to cheer me on. Claire came to support me on the final day which really lifted my spirits."

Elise managed to raise a phenomenal £2,000 for Breast Cancer Haven (which included a charity matching donation from her employer Aviva) from her fundraising challenge, which she describes as "the icing on the cake". We're so grateful for the huge support Elise has shown to us. Her fundraising will help us to continue providing free support to more people affected by breast cancer like Claire.

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