Jess is 38 years old, has a 5 year old son and lives in Gosport. She is a teacher in a local school. Jess’s life was turned upside down in January when she received a breast cancer diagnosis, it was a huge shock and life’s priorities suddenly changed overnight.

Jess was given a leaflet about Breast Cancer Haven from her sister and was able to attend an introductory day in February where she learnt about how we were able to assist her with the side effects of surgery and treatment that lay ahead. Jess faced a mastectomy and reconstruction in March, and has now begun chemotherapy. She is bravely facing her breast cancer head on and with great spirit. Jess said:

“Breast Cancer Haven is so friendly and welcoming and is helping me be positive about my breast cancer diagnosis. I have the opportunity to speak to people whose knowledge and expertise is specific to breast cancer, and receive tailored support and therapy that is unique to me. Where else would I go for such support, my friends are wonderful but here is somewhere for me to be reassured with expert care and understanding and given help to move forward. At Breast Cancer Haven I am given time to talk or time to just be. I have found the breast cancer support group for younger women a positive way of sharing fears, experiences and making friends going through similar things”.

Anyone affected by breast cancer can come to Breast Cancer Haven. Make an appointment now.

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