With the uncertainty and anxiety that many of us are feeling at the moment from the scary news reports and social-distancing that is happening across the country, we decided that on top of our free breast cancer support, we want to provide you with some helpful resources to keep you entertained and less worried.

We know that sometimes a good podcast can be just the ticket for switching off and feeling more relaxed, so we've popped together a list of podcast recommendations to get you through the next few weeks. Check out the list below.

Feel better, live more by Dr Chatterjee

Hosted by the Dr himself, Dr Chatterjee is joined by several health professionals in each episode to help debunk common health myths so you can start to eat, sleep, move and relax in a more effective way. Perfect for anybody who is a particularly big worrier and needs some extra reassurance.

Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert

Adrienne Herbert talks with expert life coaches and creatives about their words to live by and daily routine and habits. 

She’s electric by Jody Shield

Wellness author Jody Shield focuses on the topic of today’s most powerful female leaders. Sharing their motivation, highs, lows and insatiable energy. If motivation and inspiration is what you're looking for, this podcast is for you!

Food for thought by Rhiannon Lambert

Created by one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, this podcast explains a simple way to eat well. Rhiannon is on a mission to make healthy eating simple, follow this podcast for evidence-based advice to live a healthy lifestyle.

You, me and the big C: Putting the can in cancer

A down to earth look at cancer, hosted with Deborah James, Lauren Mahon and Steve Bland. Each of the hosts talk about their own experiences of cancer candidly, just like they're your BFF’s.

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