We know things are hard at the moment, so we wanted to pull together a big list of helpful resources that you can browse and return to when things are feeling particularly tough - we hope these video and audio clips can provide you with some comfort.

Live online sessions
We're currently offering our breast cancer support programme online for you to access wherever you are. Join us for online yoga, pilates, mindfulness, support groups and much more.

Full-length class (pre-recorded videos)
Curious about joining one of our classes, but not sure what to expect? Dip into one of our full pre-recorded sessions and see what you think:

Mindfulness class
Yoga class
Emotional freedom techniques class
Qi gong class
Pilates classes playlist (varying difficulties)
Tai chi routine
Gentle lymphoedema exercise class

Mindful self compassion - audio meditations
Indulge in over 3 hours of free mindful self compassion audio recordings across 11 sessions. 

Mindfulness-based stress reduction - audio meditations
Once you've finished the free mindful self compassion audio recordings, why not try out the mindfulness-based stress reduction course? Over 2 more hours of free mindfulness audio sessions. 

Five perfect podcasts to relax with
Sometimes a good podcast can be just the ticket for feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapalong sessions with Bettina Falkenberg
Find out more about EFT, how it can help you to release stress and anxiety and follow along with Bettina.

Emotional Freedom Techniques for sleep problems with Sean Grey
Our therapist Sean gives a five minute demonstration of how you can use EFT to improve sleep.

Stay home and get crafty
Stress-bust with some knitting and crochet. Don't know how? Tutorials are included.

Free YouTube meditation videos - Calm app
Calm your anxiety with some of the free videos and playlists on the Calm YouTube channel.

Headspace mini meditations
Check out the excellent free mini meditation sessions on YouTube by Headspace.

How hypnotherapy can help you
Our therapist Nigel chats about hypnotherapy and how you may find it useful during breast cancer.