Watching what Breast Cancer Haven stands for and their excessive work around visitor empowerment immediately drew me in”.

Our volunteers are crucial to the work we do at Breast Cancer Haven. Their hard work enables us to function and provide our free emotional, physical and practical support to people affected by breast cancer. This #VolunteersWeek, we want to tell you how much we appreciate our Breast Cancer Haven volunteers and show you how important they are to us. We spoke with Hina, who volunteers at our Yorkshire centre, about her role and why her time is so valued.

Introducing Hina 

Hina is a psychology student from Leeds. On Wednesday’s Hina performs the important role of Events Fundraising Assistant for the Breast Cancer Haven, Yorkshire, fundraising team. Working alongside the Community and Events Fundraiser, Hina has been instrumental in organising large events such as the Leeds 10K run and Blossom Fashion Show 2018. These events generate vital funds for Breast Cancer Haven, which allows us to provide free emotional, physical and practical support for free to our visitors that are experiencing breast cancer. Hina has been a phenomenal help to the Yorkshire fundraising team and has ensured that many fundraising events have been a great success for the centre. 

Why does Hina volunteer? 

It was her Mum that inspired Hina to volunteer for Breast Cancer Haven, who “often talks about the lack of support around breast cancer” back when Hina’s grandmother was diagnosed. 

“Mum often mentions how my grandmother went through the most challenging part of her life, completely on her own which was mentally and physically draining. Watching what Breast Cancer Haven stands for and their excessive work around visitor empowerment immediately drew me in and made me want to offer my skills to them.”

Hina’s role at Breast Cancer Haven 

Hina has brought many skills to the fundraising team at Breast Cancer Haven, Yorkshire. The role allows her to put her academic psychological knowledge to the test as she often undertakes post-event analysis’, corresponding with many event attendees to discover what they thought of the event. Hina also conducts research, identifying companies that would be suitable for involvement in future events and secures high value auction and raffle items. Not only this, but Hina’s role involves a lot of face-to-face interaction with Breast Cancer Haven supporters - supporting event attendees and helping to coordinate rehearsals. 

What’s in it for you?

The job has also helped Hina with developing her skills.

“Not only do I feel great about the work I do in the Breast Cancer Haven fundraising team, but the role has truly helped me with my personal development”, says Hina. “I have really advanced my leadership and communication skills since volunteering, which has been hugely beneficial for my career in psychology. Additionally, I get to network with professionals on a day-to-day basis, which is wonderful for my future career prospects too.” 

The amazing Breast Cancer Haven team 

Hina’s favourite thing about volunteering at Breast Cancer Haven is the “amazing team” that she works with at the Yorkshire centre.

“Each team member is so inspiring and passionate about what they do. I admire the fact that the charity is heavily visitor-centred, catering not only for visitors’ mental wellbeing but also all the other factors that play an important role in their day to day lives, such as sense of belonging in the community.” 

Why should you volunteer?

As well as the positive impact that her work has on visitors’ lives, Hina has many reasons why she advocates volunteering at Breast Cancer Haven. 

“It can provide you with great real life, eye-opening experiences”, says Hina. “Plus working with Breast Cancer Haven also works really well with my busy university time-table and acts as a getaway from university stress.” 

Thanks to the crucial work of people like Hina, we can continue to provide free emotional, physical and practical support to more people affected by breast cancer. Her work, and the work of all of our Breast Cancer Haven volunteers, is tremendously valued.

Find out more about how you can volunteer with Breast Cancer Haven.