Susan's diagnosis
Susan Gerrard is not unfamiliar with breast cancer. It has been an unwelcome part of her life since 1993 when she first received her diagnosis.

Susan’s diagnosis came a year after she’d founded The Natural Nail Company. Amazingly, Susan kept working while undergoing treatment and the company went from strength to strength. Now named Gerrard International, Susan’s company distributes a range of beauty brands, including: Jessica, Mii Cosmetics, BeautyLab, Spongellé and Hairgain.

A passion for supporting those with breast cancer
Susan’s passion for supporting those with breast cancer comes not only from her own diagnosis, but that of several of her family members, too. Her sister, daughter and daughter-in-law were all diagnosed with the disease in the years that followed.

Beauty & the Breast
Now, Susan has launched Beauty & the Breast: a long-time-dream website to support the beginning of a new chapter for those affected by breast cancer. Beauty & the Breast ( is an online subscription beauty store which takes a completely holistic approach to giving. 100% of the profits from memberships go directly to Breast Cancer Haven.

“We have witnessed first-hand the amazing work that the charity does to support breast cancer survivors and enable them to return to living a healthy, happy life,” says Susan.

We all need a support network
But Beauty & the Breast isn’t the first time Susan and Gerrard International have stepped up to support those with breast cancer. For two and a half decades, Gerrard International has been helping to fight breast cancer and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for breast cancer charities.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to take support wherever you can find it,” says Susan. “From online communities to complementary therapies – anything you can find has got to be embraced. Breast Cancer Haven gives access to these therapies and a community that you actually want to participate in as a breast cancer patient. It’s almost like a club – you don’t feel singled out. We all need a support network. It’s very important to talk – no-one should have to, or needs to, do it on their own.”

Visit the Beauty & the Breast website