"It makes me brave - I only regret the things I didn’t do."

Sue’s battle with breast cancer forced her to take risks, make choices and see lightness through darkness. She was fortunate to have a strong support system throughout treatment and continues to live life to the fullest today.

Sue was determined, took risks and overcame breast cancer for the fourth time

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year for the fourth time and I’ve had over 100 hours of surgery so far. I’ve always been a tenacious person but having breast cancer made me more determined and a bit gung-ho. I wanted to live 70 years in 50 just in case I didn't get the full 70. I’ve taken risks with my business that I probably wouldn’t have and I’m glad that I did. It makes me brave and I only regret the things I didn’t do.

I’ve got amazing support from family and friends. When I was going through radiotherapy a friend organised a rota so that I spent every day with a different friend. It was actually quite a fun time. I was surrounded by love and friendship, so from something so dark, lightness came."

“After all the tests I’ve had, I know more about my body than most of my friends know about theirs.”

“When you’re dealing with diagnosis and treatment you know your enemy and you understand the battle. You have your soldiers at your side and you stand and fight and then one day you have beaten it and there is great celebration and everyone goes back to their lives – and quite rightly so – but you are still left there wondering if there are any snipers in the long grass. This is when the mind monsters come. When you have an ache in your toe and you think you have bone cancer or a headache because you drank a glass too many of prosecco the night before, but suddenly a normal situation becomes something more sinister because you know that your body makes cancer. So you never just have a day when you feel well – not for some time. Eventually you do learn to put that away because let’s face it, after all the tests I’ve had, I know more about my body than most of my friends know about theirs.  

I’m supporting Breast Cancer Haven’s ‘Helping to Find You Again’ campaign because I am here and I am fortunate. I’ve had amazing treatment and have been looked after by amazing charities like this and I want to give something back. I hope that my story might inspire other people who might be in a similar situation.”