“Discovering the news that I had breast cancer was hard for me. Not only because I had recently lost my father to prostate cancer earlier in the year and my mother to kidney problems the year before, but because it meant I’d have to reveal the news cancer to my children.

Treatment was also hard, but with my friends behind me, I felt like I was assembling troops to face the enemy. I felt more in control and vowed to remain my normal self. My loved ones were superb and followed my lead.

I was treated at Whittington Hospital in North London where my nurse recommended I attend Breast Cancer Haven.

I was initially hesitant to book my first appointment due to being so exhausted from chemotherapy. However, after considering how they would help and provide a great comfort to my sons and loved ones, I soon opened myself up to the love and laughter of Breast Cancer Haven.

Not long after my initial visit to Breast Cancer Haven, I started to feel like I was adding more people added to my ‘list of warriors’ - the people involved in my recovery. The aromatherapy and acupuncture therapists were particularly warm and loving, and they helped balance out the pain of treatment.

An empowering piece of advice which the London centre Manager, Nic gave me, has stuck with me: “This is your body. As long as you can live with the decisions you make and feel comfortable with them, then that is the right decision.”

The invaluable free and personalised support and advice has helped make Breast Cancer Haven a great treasure in my breast cancer story.

Just over a year down the line, I genuinely feel as though breast cancer has changed me. I now possess an increased perspective on life and no longer complain about the smaller issues that I once did. Breast Cancer Haven was such a huge comfort for me as well as a psychological buffer which it continues to be, post-treatment."


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