With The Big Tea Cosy 2020 on the horizon, we decided to catch up with Sarah, a supporter of our Hereford centre who hosted a fantastic tea party for us in 2019, and learn just how mug-nificent she found it. 


Why I got involved in The Big Tea Cosy
I have my own family connections with breast cancer as my late mother was a breast cancer survivor (twice) and she lived into her late 80's, eventually dying of a totally unrelated condition. When she was first affected by cancer she felt greatly stigmatised and was unable to talk about her feelings, even to my father. On the second occasion she received much greater support from everyone around her, there was a spirit of openness, opportunities for complementary therapies and better availability of treatments generally. It has made me especially grateful for all that Breast Cancer Haven offers today and I have several friends who have benefitted from BCH’s support and services.

Par-tea at mine?
My Big Tea Cosy tea party was hosted at home. Although I went to great pains to prepare my lounge and the patio outside – of course most people stayed in the kitchen! – they say “You always find me in the kitchen at parties”. We were blessed with beautiful weather and so we were able to throw the balcony doors open.

Tea, cake and Prosecco
I had a day’s leave from work and invited friends of mine who were also members of the local business community. It was like an informal afternoon of business networking ‘with a difference’! The difference was that there was Prosecco and cake, lots of Prosecco (lots of tea too), lots of cake… oh, and a 100 Square competition and the ubiquitous raffle.

The fundraising part was easy
I recommended donations for tea/coffee/cakes/Prosecco as I know that people do like a guide price. I ran the 100 Square and raffle and this was perfect also for people who couldn’t attend on the day but who still wished to support the charity and sent money along to participate.

Getting people to come
I love, love, love social media! I set up an event on Facebook, I promoted it on Twitter and I invited people also by email. I have to say I did not spend a penny in advertising!

I loved supporting such a fantastic cause with my friends 
I really loved that my friends got behind the cause that is Breast Cancer Haven and that together we raised awareness for BCH and for breast cancer in general. Several of my friends who attended the party had recently been affected directly and there they were – stunning advocates for BCH and all the benefits that the charity brings. Of course I must also say – that I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the FUN that we had in fundraising such a fantastic amount (over £402) for such a great cause, with such amazing friends. It really was no effort and it really was my utmost pleasure to take part.

Qualit-tea! Do you think you could bake a difference like Sarah? Register to take part in The Big Tea Cosy 2020