By Julie Webb, Nutritional Therapist

If you want things to change, you have to do something different.  It’s pointless just dreaming that you’ll have more energy one day, or be thinner one day, or have clearer skin, or less flatulence, or rid yourself of whatever it is that plagues you. 

If you want these changes to happen, you need to make the necessary changes now.  I haven’t always been healthy.  Indeed friends from my twenties are still bemused at my change in lifestyle.  Changing wasn’t easy, it didn’t happen radically overnight, and there are times when I still find it hard to maintain being different in my current social environment.  But I manage it most of the time, and I’ve learnt a few short cuts along the way.   So if you want to adopt a more healthy life, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with information, this blog is for you. 

There’s enough information on the internet about how our current diet and lifestyle is damaging our health, so I don’t feel I need to add to that.  What I want to do is help you put things into practice. So I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes and top tips with you each week.  I’ll also keep you posted on any great nutrition workshops coming up.   And I’m not going to expect you to do (or eat) anything I wouldn’t do myself. 

I hope you find my tips and recipes interesting and easy-to-follow. Please do let me know if there's anythig you want to know about nutrition by making a comment on any of my blogs.