As a member of the Breast Cancer Haven Fundraising team, Emma knows first hand the life-changing impact of our support. 

In November she decided to take on Your Walk Your Way, and completed an epic walking challenge to raise vital funds for people with breast cancer. 

Why did you decide to take on a challenge for Breast Cancer Haven?
I took on the challenge because it was something I felt that I could do to help people in this difficult time whilst still adhering to lockdown rules. I know that charities are really struggling at the moment so I wanted to do something to help. It also gave me something to focus on and challenge myself with throughout the second lockdown!

What challenge did you do?
I did your Your Walk Your Way and decided to do 30 days of barefoot walking with a goal of walking 100,000 steps in November. I smashed the target and managed 125,000 steps and went out every day come rain or shine, and often in the dark. It was challenging as often I had my toddler twins with me who either insist on being carried or walk really slowly and often in opposite directions! I did most of my walks down a chalk track which is covered in flints. I did get a big thorn stuck in my toe on one walk! My cocker spaniel was excellent support and my 10 year old stepdaughter joined me every time she was with us and we had a lot of fun wading through the mud together!

How did you fundraise?
I raised £690 mainly by sharing my page across social media but also met people on my walk who I told my story to and they kindly donated which was lovely. 

Why did you choose Breast Cancer Haven to fundraise for?
Because I know that people with breast cancer are having a particularly hard time at the moment as they are classed as vulnerable, and I know so many people who have suffered with breast cancer, so I wanted to help in some way.

Would you encourage other people to take on a walking challenge for Breast Cancer Haven? Why should they do it?
Yes definitely! A walking challenge is simple and can be adapted to be as challenging as you want it to be. The whole family can join in or you can do it with a friend (within the guidelines of course!). It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone, get fit and have fun in nature, all for a good cause!

You can hear more from Emma about why she chose to fundraise for Breast Cancer Haven here: 

Emma's hard work and fundraising will allow us to fund first online consultations with a member of our clinical team for 19 visitors, and allow us to support them through an incredibly difficult time in their lives. We are so grateful to our supporters, as we simply could not continue to do what we do without them. 

Like Emma, you too could get walking this January, and take on a challenge for somebody affected by breast cancer. 

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