Nicole-Rachelle's story

"The invaluable free and personalised support and advice has helped make Breast Cancer Haven a great treasure in my breast cancer story" Read more

Emmeline's story

"It was hard to hear that I had breast cancer, but I was adamant that I would stay focussed on giving birth to a happy, healthy baby" Read more

Martina's story

"I am so grateful that they were there for me when I was trying to tackle breast cancer all by myself” Read more

Afterwards it hit me. What do I do now?

During my treatment there was so much support from medical professionals and my friends and family. My life had revolved around my treatment and I just had to get on with it. But then afterwards it hit me, what do I do now? Read more

Sharon's story

"I didn’t know the warning signs and I hadn’t been taught how to examine my breasts, so I didn’t find the lump early." Read more

Chris' story

"Whilst it was my diagnosis and illness, I felt like it was my fault for destroying my loved ones’ worlds, particularly my children’s." Read more

Sarah's story

“Being a GP I know the importance of self-checking and regularly self-examine my breasts for lumps, however, during a check just before my birthday, I unfortunately found a lump in my right breast." Read more

Kristine's story

"When Matt was poorly, I used to feel guilty about leaving him alone to go to work but now I realise that when you're poorly you're happy to have time alone and for people to get on with life around you." Read more

Sue's story

Whilst the hospitals helped to remove the breast cancer, it was Breast Cancer Haven that eased my discomfort and fortified my mental strength. Read more