With over 1.5 million tonnes of unwanted clothing ending up in landfill each year, we have decided to create a sustainable initiative that will allow us to prevent this from happening. Our bra banks not only stop clothes clogging landfill sites but they also allow us to support women internationally and raise vital funds for our charity.

Find your local bra bank

Request a bra bank 

If you would like to request a bra bank for your workplace or a local public area, please choose one of our online forms and fill in all your relevant details: 

  • Request a Community bra bank here
  • Request a Corporate bra bank here 

Register your bra donations 

If you have already donated at a bra bank, register your bra donation here. This will allow us to claim gift aid on your donation. If you haven't yet donated but would like to find your nearest bra bank, you can check the location list here

Commonly asked questions

What is a bra bank?

Bra banks are recycling bins for new, used or unwanted bras. They can be placed in any workplace or public space for people to make bra donations. Once full the bra banks are emptied, ready to be refilled, and the bras are recycled to raise funds for to support local women affected by breast cancer. 

What happens to the bras once they have been collected? 

We are pleased to let you know that the majority of bras will be sent to those who need them in the least developed countries, such as those in Central Africa. Any bras that can’t be reused are recycled in the UK meaning there is zero landfill waste.

How do they help your local Breast Cancer Haven centre? 

For each kg of bras recycled we will receive funds from our recycling partner. Having 50 banks placed across the region could raise us over £500 a month. This could pay for over 12 hours of therapy to support people affected by breast cancer at your local centre. 

What centres are taking part in this initiative?

Currently our Hereford, West Midlands (Solihull) and London centres are offering a bra banks service. 

Where have bra banks worked successfully before?

Bra banks have been incredibly successful when placed in a location with a high footfall. For example, in Hereford, three bags of bras are collected each week from a bra bank situated in the changing rooms of a local Marks and Spencer store. Supermarkets, hospitals, slimming clubs, village halls and large corporations have also been successful hosts. If you have any questions about whether a location is suitable, get in contact with your local Breast Cancer Haven centre.