Pay online
Thank you for unleashing the power of your extra hour to help support us this October. All you need to do now is pay your donations to Breast Cancer Haven.

You can choose where your money goes. Click on the Breast Cancer Haven centre you would like to donate to: 


Breast Cancer Haven, National Charity

Breast Cancer Haven, London

Breast Cancer Haven, Yorkshire

Breast Cancer Haven, Hereford

Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex

Breast Cancer Haven, West Midlands

Make your cheque payable to ‘Breast Cancer Haven’ and post it back to us along with your completed Gift Aid Form.

Don’t forget to make a note on the back of the cheque stating whether you are supporting the National Charity or your local centre. Make sure you include your name somewhere too so that we can say a big Thank You.

You can find the address for each of our centres here.  

Gift Aid
Gift aid allows us to claim an extra 25p for each £1 raised without costing you an extra penny! We have included a Gift Aid Donation Form in your My Power Hour fundraising pack, or you can download it here. Please encourage your supporters to fill out this form if they are UK tax payers when they donate.

Please give your name and which Breast Cancer Haven centre you are fundraising for in the comments box. Don’t forget to post us the completed Gift Aid form in the Freepost envelope which has been provided in your pack – include your name on it so we can match it to your online donation.

Donate by text
Donating by SMS is a quick and easy way to support our campaign. Simply text Hour18 £5 to 70070.

Bring it to your local Breast Cancer Haven centre
Drop your donations into your local Breast Cancer Haven. We would love to meet you and say a massive thank you in person. 

Need a little more help? Click here to contact us.