Practicing yoga helps to overcome and prevent many stresses, strains, aches and pains. It promotes a firm foundation for health and well-being. Yoga both relaxes and energises the body and mind and brings vitality, flexibility, strength, concentration, self-confidence and emotional calm.

Yoga can:

  • Encourage strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Encourage efficient functioning of all the body’s organs and systems
  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Stimulate circulation of lymph in the body to minimise the risk of lymphoedema
  • Relaxation can help to lower the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Release muscular and mental tension, and relieve anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Stimulate immune function
  • Harmonise the activities of the mind and emotions to bring about a feeling of inner peace

You will need to have handy:

  • a couple of cushions or pillows
  • a blanket
  • a strap, belt or long scaft

In order that the teacher can check you are holding the positions safely, you will need to have your camera on through-out the class

If you are accessing our online classes from a smart phone or device, you may need to download the Zoom app before you start.

You will need to have your camera turned on during this class, so that Vivian can see how you are doing and to check you are ok.

All of our online classes are free to join. If you are able to, please consider making a donation.

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