Research studies suggest that aromatherapy might help to relieve fatigue, pain, and nausea and may reduce anxiety and depression in people affected by cancer. 

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants which have been used for their health-giving properties for thousands of years.

The skilled aromatherapist blends different essential oils safely to help with particular symptoms and conditions.

Essential oils are most commonly diluted and used in massage blends. The oils are thought to enter the body in two ways: 1) through breathing in the aromatic particles released as the oil evaporates and 2) by absorption through the skin during massage.

The combination of the oils, together with the physical effects of a relaxing massage can help to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

Gentle massage with essential oils can help to relieve muscular tension after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy and may also reduce tight surgical scars. Abdominal massage with certain oils may help with constipation.

Massage or inhalation of oils can also reduce stress by promoting relaxation and help to relieve anxiety and sleep problems.


Aromatherapy massage is available at London, Hereford, Leeds, Wessex and Worcester Havens.