Life-work coaching can help you cope better with cancer treatment. It can also be beneficial in helping you return to work and can enhance your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

These individual sessions will help you deal with the life-changes and challenges that your breast cancer diagnosis has caused. It will help you to develop practical skills and strategies which boost your confidence and help you to regain some sense of control over aspects of your life.

By exploring priorities and focusing on what is important, the life-work coach can help you to see things differently and find a way through your difficulties.

Your life coach will help you to:

  • identify what you want to achieve
  • focus on your needs
  • draw up a plan of action
  • address challenges in a practical way
  • work through changes and obstacles
  • explore ways to manage stress
  • create positive new habits
  • achieve your goals

The life-work coach will help you to explore the issues that you are finding a challenge and will discuss various practical ways in which you can address them. They may suggest that it would be helpful to do some specific ‘homework’ between your sessions together.

Life-work coaching can help you with decision-making and goal-setting at any time. It may be particularly beneficial when cancer treatment has finished and you are trying to get on with your life.


Life-work coaching is available at London Haven.